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Change is the order of the day in this world. With changes in every aspect of life to changes in the way of perceiving and doing things, every day brings a new challenge and nothing remains the same.
With everything changing, so does your financial position. It is highly volatile in nature; and, it gets extremely tougher to deal with financial changes unprepared. We understand this and prepare you to face every change with financial stability.
Our research and advisory team associate closely to work out the best financial and investment solutions for our clients. Our research team analyses the good investment opportunities that our advisory team converts to a plinth for creation and protection of wealth. We ensure that every penny you invest reaps the best it can; our research and advisory team aid in mercurial creation of wealth and support in a seamless, streamlined, and effective practices and methodologies.


Financial Planning

Structured and organized planning in any process is the key to its success. With the standard living rising high contributing to the economic growth in the country, the per capita income is gaining more emphasis than ever before .The allocation of the income earned is always the biggest challenge faced by many, as priorities often change according to the situations and circumstances posed. With this, it becomes very critical to allocate income for essential aspects of life. We at Welt understand this and help you in organizing and structuring your finances in the most befitting manner. We offer financial planning services that would maximize your current wealth and protect your wealth for your future happenings.
Our skilled team analyzes the best suited investment option for your savings that would offer you the maximum rewards. With our financial planning advisory team helping you plan your finances; we assure that you will be financially stable and solvent at any given time in life.


Investment Consulting / Advisory Services

Once your safety is assured with our Financial Planning services, we aim at maximizing your wealth.
Right investment requires tactical, circumspect, and vigilant planning. The prime objective of our advisory services is to convert the strong research results to powerful and result oriented advices. Our investment consulting services aids you in choosing the right investment option to bring you the most lucrative results.
Every customer is appointed a dedicated experienced wealth advisor whose thorough knowledge, extensive research techniques, and understanding of the financial tools' concepts will ensure the right and most profitable investment option for you.

Our approach towards toward Advisory Services:

Investment Consulting / Advisory Services

Investment Consulting / Advisory Services

Once your safety is assured with our Financial Planning services, we aim at maximizing your wealth.



The advisor first analyses the client's profile to see which investment option is best suited. Factors such as risk, occupation, age, assets, and returns are taken into account.

Investment or Trading

Investment or Trading

Depending on thorough research and analysis, our advisor advises on Trading and Investment.

Portfolio Management

Portfolio Management

Once the client's account is set up, their portfolio is managed by our advisory team. Frequent updates are given to the client and access to the portfolio.


Equity Trading

Our diverse research team is our strength. With professionals specializing in economics, actuarial sciences, agricultural sciences, and finance we have a multi – perspective Equity Advisor team. Backed by abundant market knowledge and the latest know – how, we facilitate institutional and retail investors. Along with long term investors, we also cater to short term / intra-day traders.


Tax Management

Payment of tax is a fundamental duty of any citizen. Calculating the tax to be paid, paying it on time is a arduous task. We make it simpler for you. Even after the tax amount is calculated, there would be times when you end up paying more than what the actual sum to be paid. We ensure that you avail all the tax benefits that you are eligible for and pay just the right amount to be paid. We offer prudent tax planning.

What we do

➢ We service institutional investors, retailers, HNIs, trading houses, corporate, government agencies, treasurers, and anyone who wants to invest rightly
➢ Assign of Equity Advisor for each client
➢ Seamless communication of trading processes with client
➢ Entire account is managed by your Equity Advisor
➢ Direct access to your online account


To create value, worth and wealth to our clients' trust that can make us the privileged destination for financial & investment solutions


To generate ideas that can create wealth to our clients and formulate values that protect their wealth; to work in close proximity with dedicated involvement, passion, and integrity that would create respect to our clients' trust in us


“ Welt team have delivered on what they promised and continue to find creative and safe ways of managing funds I have entrusted to them. „
- Govind, companyname

" Welt Consultancy, are smart, thoughtful and have an interesting take on the financial markets, in my opinion, and I have always found them to be straightforward and efficient in their dealings with me. "
- Badri Ravi, companyname

About Us

Welt, based in Bangalore is a financial
and investment planning and advisory powerhouse.

Our Expertise

Our core strength lies in the financial and investment expertise and acumen. We are a team of professionals with various skill sets, experience, and proficiency in the financial industry.
Our clients can be least worried and stress free once they entrust us with their wealth; our highly skilled team will ensure and assure...
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