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This scheme focuses on the theme of emerging businesses.

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Magnum Multiplier Plus 1993

Magnum Multiplier Plus 1993 (MMPS) is a diversified equity fund.

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Magnum Equity Fund

The scheme seeks capital appreciation through investment.

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HDFC Prudence Fund

The investment objective of the Scheme is to provide periodic returns and capita...

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HDFC Top 200 Fund

To generate long term capital appreciation from a portfolio of equity and equity-linked

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HDFC Equity Fund

The investment objective of the Scheme is to achieve capital appreciation.

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About Us

Welt, based in Bangalore is a financial
and investment planning and advisory powerhouse.

Our Expertise

Our core strength lies in the financial and investment expertise and acumen. We are a team of professionals with various skill sets, experience, and proficiency in the financial industry.
Our clients can be least worried and stress free once they entrust us with their wealth; our highly skilled team will ensure and assure...
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